I’m not sure how many others can relate to my great dislike of the cold, and the challenges I’m experiencing as the season changes.  I would rather stay curled up in the warmth of my bed than head out into the uninviting cold and dark mornings for any sort of activity these days.

I think I was a cat in a previous life – I’ve always gravitated towards sitting directly in front of or on any heat source whether it is the streams of sunlight that warm the space immediately in front of a window, the crackling of a fireplace, a simple heat register, or just the oven.  So without the warmth of the morning sun, the fresh smells of spring and summer, or the sound of the chattering birds, I find it increasingly difficult to feel any sort of motivation to get outside in the mornings for my daily walks.  I have come to love and rely on these walks to the ocean as a means of self care and mindfulness practice and I recognize that I need to challenge myself to remember the importance of prioritizing my mental health despite the barriers that pose as deterrents to following through with the things I know my body and mind need and deserve. 

I am also working at reminding myself that things in our lives shift and change, as do the seasons, and so being gentle with ourselves is also important.  I know that maintaining a routine, and moving my body daily is best for my overall health and wellness, and so I am setting an intention to remember the things I value and love about my walks rather than focus on my complete distaste for the cold. 

Hope to see you all out there, enjoying the day as best you can, despite the things that may challenge you in prioritizing your body and mind.